My Oath to Sainsbury’s

Managers at Sainsbury’s I am very disappointed with you all I was very angry, for the way you handled my situation You showed, no understanding and empathy You remained arrogant, about, being right in this matter You seemed to have no concept, of illness An illness, that was impacted by you and yours, being stressed, [...]



Life what is it? Only existing Waiting, and then waiting Tick, tick, the body clock goes Another second, another hour, another day, another year Have you progressed? Or regressed? Who knows! feeling trapped in a cycle That goes around and around A treadmill of agony Walking but getting nowhere Where is that bloody exit to [...]


ANGER My anger is like a wave Slowly building up momentum Calm at the beginning Tidal at the end. My anger is like a time bomb Slowly ticking away To the final explosion Blown out of control In a path of destruction Left with feelings of woe. My anger is like confusion Not knowing where [...]